Christine Plante

Executive Director and Founder

Christine Plante has two great passions: food, and communications. Host, speaker, journalist, author of the book ``Street Cuisine, les meilleurs restos roulants de Montréal``, she sits since 2014 on the committees of selection of the street kitchens of the city of Montreal, the ARRQ and on the gourmet committee of Tourisme Montréal. Forever curious, she traveled the world and visited its greatest gourmet destinations before returning to Quebec and getting involved in the local industry by founding The Lauriers Awards of Quebec Gastronomy. ations gourmandes avant de rentrer au Québec et s’impliquer dans l’industrie d’ici en fondant Les Lauriers de la Gastronomie Québécoise.

Gaelle Cerf

Director, Ethics and Industry

Gaelle's has a well established reputation in the restaurant industry. Staff Manager of the Pied de Cochon for nearly 10 years, she then got involved in the highly political issue of Montreal street food by creating the Grumman 78 restaurant and food truck, and then establishing the Association des restaurateurs de rue du Quebec (ARRQ) for which she is today its vice-president and spokesperson. As a recognized public figure in Quebec’s culinary scene, Gaelle is a major asset in launching the Lauriers, notably due to her reputation, integrity and high notoriety amongst the major stakeholders in the gastronomic industry.

Michelle Labarre

Director, Communications and Partnerships and Co-founder

A recognized and dynamic leader in Quebec‘s communications, advertising and media industry, Michelle has contributed to the changes and evolution of the companies for which she has worked for over 25 years: Bell Media, Astral Media, Quebecor and MusiquePlus. Her motivation to become co-founder of the Lauriers stems from both her love for gastronomy and her desire to create an innovative media event in Quebec.

Ethics committee

The Lauriers have an ethics committee made up of members from all disciplines to ensure the objectivity and credibility of the initiative.

From left to right on the photo : Manuela Goya, Montréal Métropole Culturelle – Paul Caccia, ITHQ – Stéphanie Laurin, Tourisme Montréal – Nelson Théberge, ITHQ – Geneviève Vézina-Montplaisir, Caribou Magazine – François Bissoondoyal – Marie-Claude Lortie, La Presse – Julia Csergo, UQÀM – Marc-André Jetté, restaurant Hoogan & Beaufort – Michelle LaBarre, Gaelle Cerf, Christine Plante, Lauriers – (absents in the photo) Liza Frulla, ITHQ – Philippe Canning, layer – Odette Chaput, Terroirs & Saveurs

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