Ricardo : Lauriers’ ambassador

Published on 21/11/2017
Les Lauriers,
La mission des Lauriers est de valoriser la gastronomie québécoise en couronnant ce que l’industrie considère comme ses meilleurs acteurs.

November 6th, 2017 — Following music, cinema, television and humour, gastronomy will finally have its own gala, The Laurier Awards of Quebec Gastronomy! The first annual edition of this event will take place in the spring of 2018.

“Today, gastronomy in Quebec is effervescent; no one can deny its ongoing contribution to our society as a whole. The time has come for us to acknowledge our artists and artisans!” commented Christine Plante, the event’s executive director.

Ricardo Larrivée, ambassador

The Lauriers’ team is proud to announce that Ricardo has joined the initiative as the event’s ambassador. “I am delighted to take part in the Lauriers and to have the opportunity to help shine a light on the brightest talents of our culinary landscape,” said Ricardo.

Mark your calendars for Spring 2018

On the menu for this festive event: 15 prizes celebrating all facets of an industry which employs nearly 500 000 people all over Quebec – chefs, restaurateurs, pastry chefs, sommeliers as well as farmers, ar­tisans and enthusiasts who contribute to Quebec’s culture of haute gastronomy.

The media will be invited to a red carpet event alongside some of the best-known personalities from the culinary world. The winners will be announced, followed by a grand celebration, which will become an an­nual event for industry professionals, adds Christine Plante, executive director.

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The recipients of the Lauriers will be determined by industry professionals: a brigade of 500 voters re­presenting all disciplines as well as a secret jury, whose identity will only be revealed during the award ceremony.

Laureate selection

In order to ensure an objective selection process, the rules were carefully considered and implemented by an ethics committee comprised of a dozen professionals: Marie-Claude Lortie (La Presse), Liza Frulla (ITHQ), Manuela Goya (Montréal Métropole Culturelle), chef Marc-André Jetté and Stéphanie Laurin (Tourisme Montréal), to name a few. “I am thrilled I was able to rely on such a knowledgeable group to determine the best approach for the selection process. We have created ethical guidelines which we feel reflect the realities of our industry in all its diversity,” says Gaelle Cerf, director of the ethics com­mittee, founder of the YUL EAT festival and spokesperson for the Association des restaurateurs de rue du Québec.

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