A first gala for Quebec’s gastronomy

Published on 21/02/2018
Les Lauriers,
La mission des Lauriers est de valoriser la gastronomie québécoise en couronnant ce que l’industrie considère comme ses meilleurs acteurs.

The industry gathers around the creation of the first gala of Quebec’s gastronomy!

Montreal, December 12, 2017 – A hundred stakeholders from the Quebec gastronomy industry join forces to mark the creation of the first official gala recognizing the many talents of Quebec’s gastronomy. It is in the presence of the Honourable Liza Frulla, CP, OQ, CM, Ricardo Larrivée, Lauriers partners and renowned chefs, restaurateurs, craftsmen and Quebec producers, that we launch the first edition of this unprecedented gathering that will take place on Monday, April 16, 2018.

Une vidéo présentant l’initiative et ses supporteurs a été diffusée lors de l’événement. (lien)

Why the Lauriers?

Every major Quebec cultural industry has an annual recognition gala. Music has its Félix, TV has its Gémeaux, humour has its Olivier … The gastronomy industry will now have its Lauriers. “Gastronomy is our identity, it’s our culture, it’s our creativity, it’s us!” declares Christine Plante, the general manager of the event. “We’re throwing you a huge party, and everyone knows that the best parties are in the kitchen!” she adds.

By crowning what the food industry considers to be the best of its chefs, artisans, producers and all actors and trades involved, the Lauriers’ mission is to promote Québec’s gastronomy at the local, national and international levels, in order to recognize this promising industry on all levels: culturally, socially and economically.

The Lauriers want to celebrate the thousands of players who represent one of Quebec’s most important economic industries; a sector representing more than 484,000 jobs (12% of all jobs in Quebec) and close to 35 billion in sales in tens of thousands of businesses in all regions of the province, both in food and beverage production.

Industry awards BY and FOR industry

Fifteen prizes will be awarded during this first edition of the Lauriers:

Chef of the year
Restaurant of the year
Best newcomer of the year
The People Choice Laurier Award
Pastry chef of the Year
Mixologist / bartender of the year
Sommelier of the year
Best service award
Food truck of the year
Producer of the year
Artisan or processor of the year
Culinary event of the year
Culinary business or food initiative of the year
Award for the advancement of Quebec’s culinary culture
Honourary Laurier

In order to ensure this initiative’s objectivity, the rules surrounding the awarding of prizes were thought out and orchestrated by an ethics committee chaired by ARRQ restaurateur and spokesperson Gaëlle Cerf. The food industry will award the prizes for the laureates’ selection. The voting will be conducted by a squad (or Brigade) of more than 500 professionals from all disciplines combined with an annual jury kept secret until the awards ceremony. To this will be added a public vote for the category “Laurier du Public – LaPresse +” that’s entirely the public’s choice.


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