In Quebec, every industry has its annual recognition gala.
Music has the Félix, television has the Gémaux, humour has the Olivier...
Now, gastronomy will have its Laurier Awards.

The Laurier Awards’ mission is to highlight Quebec gastronomy
on a local, national and global scale by crowning those whom the industry consider to be
the best chefs, artisans, producers
and contributors to the advancement of our culinary landscape.

Are you an industry professional ?

Be a part of this year’s laureate selection !

Laureate selection

The Lauriers will always be awarded by and for the industry

The Laurier Awards has an ethics committee comprised of members from all culinary disciplines to ensure the initiative’s objectivity and credibility.

The committee is comprised of :

(From left to right) Manuela Goya, Montréal Métropole Culturelle - Paul Caccia, ITHQ -
Stéphanie Laurin, Tourisme Montréal - Nelson Théberge, ITHQ - Geneviève Vézina-Montplaisir, Magazine Caribou -
François Bissoondoyal - Marie-Claude Lortie, La Presse - Julia Csergo, UQÀM - Marc-André Jetté, restaurant Hoogan & Beaufort -
Michelle LaBarre, Gaelle Cerf, Christine Plante, Lauriers -
(not pictured) Liza Frulla, ITHQ - Philippe Canning, avocat - Odette Chaput, Terroirs & Saveurs

Many thanks to our partners

our team


Christine Plante

Executive director


Gaelle Cerf

Director, ethics and industry


Michelle Labarre

Director, communications and partnerships

Xavier Morelle

Director, marketing and production

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